Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I should be making supper, but here's a few pictures...

...for your dining pleasure. 

I've been very busy sewing lately. Mostly on something for my son but I managed to squeeze in two embroidered shirts for Katie. She liked the original triceratops T  I made and asked if I could make her one in a dark blue. She also wanted a T-rex shirt for her daughter. Here they are! Sorry it took me an extra day Katie, the grass finally dried out and I had to mow between demands of kids.

This is the rain coat I've been working on for a few days. It's likely the most labor intensive garment I've ever made. There are 39 pieces of fabric in this. Yes, 39. plus hours of hand stitching. I still need to stitch the lining into one sleeve cuff and the bottom hem but my little guy was happy to pose for pictures. I was preparing myself for total rejection from him as I was making this. He's tough to please but thank goodness he loves it. He declared he would sleep in it and hang it in his closet the first time her tried it on.  It should keep him dry too, the blue outer is PUL which is a laminated knit fabric.  Tough to work with? Oh yes...very much so, but I love the results.  I'd love one for myself. I hope Oliver + S will make patterns for women's wear. That would be awesome.

Thanks for looking!  More doll stuff is coming, I just need to finish a Molly outfit I've been working on and I'll have lots of customs in the next week to show you.


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