Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is definitely here. Coat for my son, part 1.

I took a little break from doll sewing this week. The weather has turned cool, which means fairly cold early in morning when my second grader heads out on his bike to school. He's grown quite a lot since spring and he needed a warmer jacket to wear.  I've had a pair of really cozy brown brushed cord pants in my "to recycle" pile for a while. I bought them for husband at the end of 2009 and he promptly lost 40 lbs so they had very little wear. I loved the feel of the fabric so I put them in my pile to wait for the perfect project. I'd been wanting to make my son a rain coat like little brother's but it seemed silly to do that this late in the season. I'll make that for him later in size 8. Last weekend one of the moms from the playground left 2 bags of fabric for me on my doorstep. What a treat to come home to! She cleaned out her sewing cabinet and I was the lucky recipient. There is some great stuff in those bags and 3 pieces were destined to become part of this coat. This is part 1 of the coat.  The brown is what used to be the pair of pants, mens' size 40. The light brown cord is a scrap from my friend Karen at the playground. There was just barely enough of that. The plaid was purchased for the raincoat but used for this warmer coat instead.

I think Aunt Millie from Kit's stories would be pretty pleased with this jacket. The buttons are from a little container of extras my mom gave me a few years ago. The sleeves are pieced together, a lot.  I satin stitched over the edge of the applique. I really like how the grain comes together at a right angle. The sleeves are symmetrical, I made up for the length with the contrast fabric.

The back yoke is heavily pieced together. There are 7 scraps sewn together to make this piece. I even used the little change pocket and the piece behind that from the original pants. I used a satin stitch on two areas here as well.

Part 2 is a quilted wool vest that buttons into this jacket. I need to buy some 1/4" elastic so that will have to wait. Next I will finish the snaps for Colette's order and start a custom skate boarding outfit.  After that I won't be taking customs for a while.  My kids need pants and I need to put the finishing touches on the small stack of things for my etsy that will be up and running soon :)


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