Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mix and match for Katherine

I started working on this set earlier in the summer.  Between family, procrastination, other projects and vacations it took a while but is finally complete.  She asked for a mix and match set so she can showcase my work on her blog.  This is very exciting news!  I tried to make a variety of pieces that will mostly be available to order in the fall.
Here is an overview of all the pieces I made for her.

Here is a close up of the pants and one of the shirts. The pants are chocolate brown twill with light blue stitching. The shirt is a very fine purple jersey knit.

Davina is modeling one combination with the wool legwarmers, pleated olive twill skirt and embroidered grey v-neck t. The embroidery is light blue and the back of the shirt closes with buttons.  I've decided it's much too time consuming to hand stitch on metal snaps. It takes well over an hour just to put those on a t-shirt. The buttons work well and don't snag hair and fabric like velcro. 

Julie is modeling another outfit made from these pieces. She's wearing the brown pants and the green floral peasant blouse. Her shoes are the retired casual clogs by AG.

Some details of the pants.  

Next, Sonali shows us the purple long sleeve t and the black rib knit pleated skirt.  All of my skirts and pants have completely enclosed elastic waists. There are no bulky seams poking out anywhere, no velcro and no slippage when the doll is sitting.
The purple floral peasant top layers nicely over the long sleeve t, and the elastic hairband also makes a pretty belt. 

Davina likes to wear the legwarmers on her arms too.  She's also wearing the headband in her hair. The bow is hand stitched in place for durability.
I like this look with the boots from the singing star outfit.

Ok Davina, now you're just being silly.  Those are leggings, not pants.
Last, Julie shows us the brown pants with the purple long sleeve t.  I love this on her!


Nora and Maple said...

Those look fantastic!!!! Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Your work is lovely! I'm impressed by the fit (and the perfect double contrast stitching). I can't wait to see what you'll have available! :)

Cdn AG Lover

Erin said...

Thank you both!

Nursiegrrl said...

Great work, very impressive! :)

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