Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little muslin

I've got some doll size ballet leotards to make this weekend. They are each a bit different and I will have to draft a pattern for 3 of them. I started this evening with a pattern for one of them and it will be a start for another. I used some swim suit fabric that I have in abundance, I like it when a muslin can be useful. I am quite happy with how this came out, hopefully my friend likes it too!

The back has a very low scoop. The ballet version will have criss cross light blue elastic trim on the lower back.

We are also crafting a butterfly here. We found a "mourning cloak" (at least that's what we think it is) caterpillar on the way home from school. The boys and I set up a nice habitat in a giant mason jar. Lo and behold, this morning the caterpillar had assumed the "J" position. In about 2 weeks we will have a butterfly to release at the beach.

Thanks for looking!