Saturday, May 19, 2012

A purple generi-dress.

I got this beautiful My Twinn doll for Christmas. She is an Audrey, and she needed a summer dress. Being a My Twinn doll she expected a certain type of dress. I frequently see Twinns in this style of dress. I think it suits her and she fits in well among other Twinns in the world.

My Twinns have an armature inside that makes them posable. Their elbows don't bend because their vinyl goes up to about where their bicep would be, but their shoulders and upper arms can move.  This is where the cloth body and the armature begins. Most summer dresses for these dolls have longer than usual short sleeves, I guess to cover the transition from vinyl to cloth. I wanted this dress to just barely cover the join, as I like a short sleeve dress to have short sleeves. I'm not a fan of those really long "short sleeves."

I love this doll's wig. It's very high quality, thick and soft. 

Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Sundress, Unicorn tears and a bunny

My older boy is very popular among girls, even girls at schools he no longer attends. Last week he got another birthday party invite from a former classmate. Thank goodness for the Oliver+S Popover Sundress  pattern. It makes such a cute little dress and is a nice gift. It's so cute in fact, that my younger son took one look at the dress and admitted that he wanted to try it on. I let him, but he's tiny and it was too big. He still loved it though, so I'm plotting how to make him a tunic or something he could actually wear for the summer.

This is one of three t-shirts I made for Inky. I procrastinated for a full year before finally making them. The fabric I was sent was paper thin, actually thinner than paper, very stretchy and very picky to sew.  I am glad to have finished these shirts. I was joking around before I started them that it had taken a year to teach myself to cry Unicorn tears in order to conjure the magic that I needed to get the job done. Once I got started it wasn't quite so difficult, but I am still glad they are finished. Davina is modeling in the picture, please pardon her half done fishtail braids 'do. Thank you Colette, for being so patient :)

This is our bunny, Nutters. He is wild but he lives in our backyard. I call him Nutters because he is fearless. He's set up a little nest right beside our swingset, and he's not scared of the kids, the lawnmower or anything. I was cutting the grass again today and he just hopped off the grass and watched me mow from the garden. There is a neighborhood cat who has about a 3 bunny/week habit so I hope Nutters is smart enough to be scared of him.

Have a great weekend and a lovely Mother's day!