Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 shirt, lots of pictures.

This is a custom shirt, part of an outfit I am working on this week. I drafted the pattern with the little details my client asked for.
 It has a lined back yoke and working buttons.

The cuffs close with hand sewn snaps. The thread tails are always concealed when I put in snaps.

I can't get this picture to be horizontal. I have no idea why. The back has a pleat in it for ease and realism.

 I curved the hem line to make it a little bit feminine and avoid that boxy look.

View from the back. I love that little pleat.

The sleeves can be rolled up and held in place with little tabs. This is also a working button.

Same on the left sleeve.

Thanks for looking!


Nora and Maple said...

Wow! That's amazing! It looks completely like human clothing-- you should make some of these for the store too!

Oh and p.s. Don't know if we told you yet but we got the package with the mix and match set in it. Thanks so much-- everything looks wonderful. I'll let you know when the stuff will be on zee blog! :)

Erin said...

I may make a couple of these for the store, in different fabrics.

I'm so glad you got the set!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!


Miss Midoria said...

I'm glad that lots of people seem to want the small details that I'm obsessed with. I never commission anything for Mike without looking at lots of versions of the same item. I highly recommend this method for building a dolls wardrobe. You will eventually see a little twist that really makes the outfit standout. I have seen a few dolly flannels, but none with the tab.

Great job, Erin. Mike is REALLY looking forward to her outfit. I'm so glad you decided to take on my request. We'll be back!!

Erin said...

Oh good! The hat is nearly done and I'll work on the shorts tonight. Our windows took twice as long as expected to install so I'm just getting my house back today! I'm a little behind but will do my best to catch up.

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