Monday, September 13, 2010

For Colette, part 1 of 2 plus some embroidery.

Colette asked me to make her a few things, and I've finished the first part. These are all upcycled T-shirts. Some from shirts that she mailed to me and some from my stash.  I love upcycling clothing, the comfort of knowing the fabrics aren't going to bleed onto the dolls limbs is very reassuring.  One of the shirts was a super stretchy rib knit, very difficult to work with. I did my best but the hem is a tiny bit flared on the mushroom brown shirts. I steamed the daylights out of it with my iron and it's as good as I can make it.  Colette has certain plans for some of these shirts, I chose threads to complement those.

All of the shirts at a glance.

The light blue, it's not this light in person..

The plain mushroom brown shirt.

Deep dark blue.

Coral pink V-neck.

Mushroom brown with yellow contrast stitching.

I bought a few embroidery designs from I'm very happy with these, they stitch out nicely and are quite unique. 
First is a little monster for my son's school shirt, sorry about the flash.

A shirt for my husband to wear to his Dungeons and Dragons game tonight.  He plays regularly with friends.

Thanks for looking!  Watch for part 2 of Colette's order later this week.


Ary, Abri, Lora, and Lani. said...

Hi erin! I've been looking at your blog for quite a long time. and I've been seeing all this cool stuff you make by sewing :D I think these doll t-shirts are adorable and I was wondering If you had an etsy or If I had any possible way of purchasing them? :D Have a wonderful day !

Erin said...

Hi there, I don't currently have an etsy shop but I would like to start one up one day. I'm not currently making any doll clothes though, I have one order to finish up and then I'm switching gears for a long while. Thank you for enjoying my blog :)

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