Monday, August 23, 2010

Molly is here!

She's absolutely perfect, too!  For my birthday I got Molly with her accessories and her school desk.  I couldn't be happier with everything.  Her school supplies are on backorder but they'll arrive some time in October.  The desk is a lovely piece, it's all metal and wood. The seat swivels and the desk top opens up to store her school supplies inside.  I have put her glasses case in there for now.  The boys got a kick out of the little hole for the ink well just like their big desk has. 
Molly's glasses are truly a marvel of engineering. They stay on her face but they don't rub her nose or her cheeks.  They are very sturdy and nice looking.  I wasn't planning on getting any more dolls but with whispers of archival I'm really glad to have Molly.  I was content to let Samantha and Kirsten go, but I would be sad if Molly is next and I didn't have her or her desk.  Thank you Craig, for such a lovely birthday gift!


Colette said...

Congratulations! She's really cute. I love her desk; I had the same kind in elementary school.

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