Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A vest for my boy and a popover sundress for dolls.

My son had a field trip to the zoo today. He requested an explorer vest like his little brother's for the occasion. I made it yesterday and washed it last night. Unfortunately it was raining today so the zoo trip was cancelled and they went to a movie instead. He wore his vest anyway, you never know when a pterosaur might be spotted up in the sky. His is a size large. I bound the armholes in teh same plaid as the smaller one but the inside is light blue plaid from another upcycled shirt. The buttons are mismatched, but close enough, vintage. I made the bellows option again, I think those really make this a good vest for an older child. My son is 7.5.

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the doll tea party sundress the other day. This shows the tiny french seams of the 1/4" allowance and the red detail inside the hem. This is understitched and it was supposed to be blindstitched in place by hand but I was impatient so I just used a straight stitch. 

This is the Oliver+S popover sundress for dolls. It's a free pattern available to all. I'd love to see any you make, friends. Post your blog or link to pictures here in the comments. I made 3 of these today from remnants of the Koi fish ice cream dress I made a while back. I think it might be handy to have a coordinating doll dress if the whoever gets the dress also has a doll. My son's little friends at school are at the age where they are getting AG dolls for their birthdays. So, we are ready for the next party. It's nice to have a gift ready to go. This dress is for Davina, my #4. It's her turn to get some new dresses. It's raining here today so she's got her wellies on.

Thanks for looking!


MommyOntheEdge said...

both are adorable as usual :D I think it's cute that your son wanted a vest to go to the zoo. He's so lucky to have a great Mom that can just whip one up for him. I like the doll dress too, I think I'll try that one. I was so bored last night and my sewing machine was just begging for me to use it, but I didn't have anything that was so quick and simple. That looks perfect, thanks for sharing the link.

MommyOntheEdge said...

I just have to say thank you again! I was just over at the Oliver + s blog, and DL'd the free patterns. I think I LOVE that site. I'm gonna make a bunch of stuff for my DD from there. Thanks again!

Erin said...

I love Oliver+S too, wonderful patterns!

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