Friday, June 24, 2011

Another popover doll dress

This is such a cute, quick pattern. I'm leading a sewalong on a doll forum so more people can make this lovely Oliver+S dolly dress. I made up my example dress last evening and took lots of photos. I won't bore you with all those pictures, but I will share a few of my favorites.

This is the finished dress. Hannah is the doll I bought in NYC in April, she is a #37. Her green eyes and ginger hair are just right with these colors.

I wanted to try flat felling a tiny seam allowance and the side seams of this dress were just right for testing it out. It was a bit fiddly but it worked well. Not necessarily practical for all the time, but still nice to know it can be done. The fold in the fabric at the foot is 1/8" wide. Vintage machines were made for this kind of work.

I like being able to see where I am going when I sew something close to the edge. See the bias strip around the underarm here? I can get very close to the edge and keep it consistent because I can see. Vintage machines were made for this. If you're not sold on these by now I don't know what else to say. It's a very different but super enjoyable way to sew. I can't go back to my computerized kenmore for sewing. Winding bobbins and making 1 step automatic buttonholes sure, but not for stuff like this.

I'll be making a few more doll dresses soon. I think they will be nice end of year gifts for school friends, and a few of my dolls could use some summer wear. I'd love to see some popover dresses made by my readers.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!


MommyOntheEdge said...

Adorable. I think I'm gonna try this today if I get to it, have to clean the house first. I'll post pics if I get one done. Thinking of making matching girl and doll dresses...neither one should take very long.

MommyOntheEdge said...

I don't know if pics show up in the comments, but here's my version:

Feel free to use the pics if you like. I posted it on AGPT if you can't see them here.

Erin said...

Very nice, Sam looks great in red!

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