Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 little hangers, drying on the line

Just a quick picture tonight. I've finished a bunch of popover sundresses, a couple more tea party sundresses (I remade the red topped one) and I've been experimenting making a ruffled halter like the Oliver+S one for girls. They do not have this pattern available for dolls so I've been making one of my own. It's coming along, the fit is good. I will post more pictures later once everything is dry and pressed. I wash everything I make because there is usually washable marker colors here and there on everything. I don't use a dressmaker's pencil or chalk. I like my kids' Crayola markers because I know they will always wash out and I can choose the right color so it's always visible.
I just wanted to share this picture of these little hangers on my clothesline tonight. Some are for friends, teacher gifts, birthday etc. The rest are for my dolls.


MommyOntheEdge said...

How adorable :D I was thinking of experimenting w/ the ruffle top too, I think it would be adorable in doll size!

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