Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Switching gears for a week or so.

I've been making a lot of doll items lately, and now it's time to give my kids some love, sewingmama style.  Doll sewing will be put on hold for a short time. I like to refresh myself a bit and make other things from time to time. Doll sewing/knitting can be quite tedious. Sewing for my kids or myself here and there helps to cleanse my crafting palate. Plus, my kids need summer clothes and I've had some of this fabric curing in my stash for over 6 years. I'd say it's time to make use of this cute stuff before they outgrow the soccer balls. It might already be too late for my 6.5 year old, but he's a dear and will wear it if I make it for him. He has requested clothes like Dad wears to work, so I'm starting off with an Oliver + S sketchbook shirt and shorts for him. We're invited to a going away party for family member who are moving out of province. This little outfit will look very sharp on him. I'm planning to make a matching set for little brother.

I'm not sure why it's sideways, it's not like that in my picture folder. Ah well.

Next up is some fabric that my youngest and I are dyeing today. It's an old PRR coordinate from my stash and some orange dylon.  It's very much orange now, with plaid design on it. Should make sweet shorts for both of them.  I think I have some yellow interlock for t-shirts to go with.

This is some more PRR from my stash. Soccer ripstop with coordinating jersey stripe. I'll dye these a mocha color when I get more salt.

One more picture. My husband brought home a new mattress set for our guest room yesterday. He's such a thoughtful guy, look what he saved for me!  This is the plastic wrapping from the mattress and box spring. He kept it in as large of uncut pieces as possible too.  When I am sewing for my kids I don't cut the paper patterns.  I trace each piece in the kids' current sizes so I don't have to buy multiples of the same pattern to get the other sizes.  This plastic sheeting is great for tracing patterns.  It's my preferred stuff to use, especially when it's free and not going into the landfill!  There is enough here to last me through several patterns in a few sizes.  Great, green score :)


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