Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy busy in Dynamite land.

Summer is here in Dynamite land. My oldest child has finished first grade, my mom is visiting from out of province and we've been invited to a friend's birthday party in couple of weeks.  We will also be heading out to the beach for a few days, weather permitting.  If we go, I'll just bring my knitting.  It's much more portable than sewing machines.

We had traveling Rebecca with us for two weeks.  I'll be posting an album of her visit with us when I get time. She came to the beach with us and I made her a peasant top to take home.  Her owner has an outfit that I made but she didn't want to part with the top for the duration of Rebecca's travels. She came to us in an AG shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, so she is much more comfortable now in her new blouse and the pants I made that she already had.  She's on the far left in this picture, visiting with some of my dolls. 

The day my mom arrived to visit, this little sweetie arrived too.  I got her in a trade, for the two cardigans I knit a couple weeks ago.  She was a surprise for my mom, who also sews and knits. She came with us to the AG store in Minneapolis and told me that she really liked Felicity and Rebecca.  I decided to get her a doll of her own and #21 would be the perfect combination of Felicity and Rebecca features.  My mom really likes her and she was definitely surprised!

I've got a Felicity meet outfit on the way, with shoes coming from one person and the dress and cap from another. For now I made her a shift from Felicity's patterns, and she has a pair of Addy's birthday socks. They are close enough to her stockings for now.

The customer who asked for the sweaters has asked me to put together a mix and match outfit for her next. I put this together in between the other sewing I've been working on.  I don't think I have ever sewn this much in two weeks, in my life :) So far there is a peasant top and a pleated skirt. A brown hoodie is cut and ready to go, and I've got some nice cream colored sweater knit for leggings. In the second picture you can see I had the hem of the blouse previously folded up. I may shorten it a touch.

Next up is the kid sewing. We've been invited to a birthday party in a couple of weeks. It's for a girl in my son's class. She's really sweet and this Oliver + S ice cream dress suits her personality exactly. I bought the fabric just for this dress. The button at the back closure is recycled.  As with all O + S patterns, this was a delight to sew. Very time consuming at over 7 hours, but definitely worth it for this little girl. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.  Kudos to my big boy for modeling. It cost me a mere $4 to get him into the dress for pictures. I promised him I would not show his face. The orange in the dress is quite a bright orange in real life. The sun washed it out in the photos.  The colors and style remind me of Oilily fashions.  The dress is very sturdy and substantial. The hem is a double layer and all but the side seams for the middle part of the dress are completely enclosed.  Love those O+S patterns.

More O+S, see a trend here? I stocked up on patterns.  These are the sandbox pants. I made size 7 and they are very long for my boy. I'm anticipating a big growth spurt so at least I can be assured they will still fit him in the spring. They are that long.  They still need the buttons on the rear pockets, I'll put those on tonight. I made these from old pants. I cut a pair of my husband's old pants for the main parts of these and I had a pair of my son's old size 4 pants that had just enough usable fabric for the pockets and waist band. The waist is pieced together, it was nip and tuck. There was just barely enough fabric in the larger pants too. They are a bit stained but these are play pants, after all. I took the photos after they had been through the wash and folded. Pardon the creases. They fit really well but I'm not asking him to model anything else today.  ;)  If you've ever met my boy, you'll know he is the king of being environmentally friendly, at least among the 6 year olds I know.  I did a quick google search the evening I was putting these together and found him a recycle embroidery to spruce them up a bit.  These should be perfect for Earth day, though my son will tell you "Earth day is every day." 

The last one for today is a O+S sketchbook shirt. This one is size 4, with a standard collar. I made it for my youngest to wear to the party last week. He loved it until I told him he looked nice. Now he won't wear it, typical. :)  He picked the fabric for this too. Maybe one day he'll wear it, he does love Thomas.


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