Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sewing challenge, Complementary colors.

On a doll forum I visit there is a challenge this month to sew an outfit featuring complementary colors.  These are colors that are opposites on the color wheel.  I chose blue and orange. Here are the results of 2 days sewing. 

The shirt is made from upcycled t-shirt fabric that I added the dragon embroidery to. I've been using rayon thread in my embroidery machine, but I'm going to try some polyester. The rayon is really shiny which isn't always ideal.  I think a more matte finish would suit this casual look best.

I put a V-neck collar on this shirt. It's placed a bit high to hide the neck seam on the doll.  I wanted the dragon up higher so the tail would be coming off the shoulder more, but with the way the orange fabric was taken from the original t-shirt I couldn't get the fabric up any higher on the hoop, there just wasn't enough of it.  I made two pairs of tights from the same child's orange shirt. it had long sleeves, but a large graphic on the front rendered about 1/3 of it useless.

I love these pants. I took an idea from a pair of my son's pants for the knee enhancing. I wanted to give a little more color detail and topstitching with my contrast thread.  I like the extra little shape it gives. I also find it ironic that these dolls can't bent their knees, yet here are some pants that give them room to do so, if they could.

Back view. I added a bit of extra ease through the thigh to give this pair a relaxed fit. My pants are usually more fitted but I wanted these ones to be more playful. The fabric is linen.

Kaya is ready for a day at the playground. Her shoes are from Julie's hoops outfit. I love these, they are the best shoes AG has ever made if you ask me.


Erica said...

This is such a great outfit. And it looks even better in person... if that is at all possible.

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