Friday, May 11, 2012

A Sundress, Unicorn tears and a bunny

My older boy is very popular among girls, even girls at schools he no longer attends. Last week he got another birthday party invite from a former classmate. Thank goodness for the Oliver+S Popover Sundress  pattern. It makes such a cute little dress and is a nice gift. It's so cute in fact, that my younger son took one look at the dress and admitted that he wanted to try it on. I let him, but he's tiny and it was too big. He still loved it though, so I'm plotting how to make him a tunic or something he could actually wear for the summer.

This is one of three t-shirts I made for Inky. I procrastinated for a full year before finally making them. The fabric I was sent was paper thin, actually thinner than paper, very stretchy and very picky to sew.  I am glad to have finished these shirts. I was joking around before I started them that it had taken a year to teach myself to cry Unicorn tears in order to conjure the magic that I needed to get the job done. Once I got started it wasn't quite so difficult, but I am still glad they are finished. Davina is modeling in the picture, please pardon her half done fishtail braids 'do. Thank you Colette, for being so patient :)

This is our bunny, Nutters. He is wild but he lives in our backyard. I call him Nutters because he is fearless. He's set up a little nest right beside our swingset, and he's not scared of the kids, the lawnmower or anything. I was cutting the grass again today and he just hopped off the grass and watched me mow from the garden. There is a neighborhood cat who has about a 3 bunny/week habit so I hope Nutters is smart enough to be scared of him.

Have a great weekend and a lovely Mother's day!


Madeline said...

Nutters is just too cute! You now, sometimes it's easier to fishtail braid without the first ponytail holder.

Erin said...

I think I may have accidentaly deleted some comments.
Anonymous, whoever you are :) Thank you, but I am not currently taking custom orders, and I don't know if I will be again.

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