Saturday, May 19, 2012

A purple generi-dress.

I got this beautiful My Twinn doll for Christmas. She is an Audrey, and she needed a summer dress. Being a My Twinn doll she expected a certain type of dress. I frequently see Twinns in this style of dress. I think it suits her and she fits in well among other Twinns in the world.

My Twinns have an armature inside that makes them posable. Their elbows don't bend because their vinyl goes up to about where their bicep would be, but their shoulders and upper arms can move.  This is where the cloth body and the armature begins. Most summer dresses for these dolls have longer than usual short sleeves, I guess to cover the transition from vinyl to cloth. I wanted this dress to just barely cover the join, as I like a short sleeve dress to have short sleeves. I'm not a fan of those really long "short sleeves."

I love this doll's wig. It's very high quality, thick and soft. 

Thanks for looking!


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