Friday, November 25, 2011

A gift, for Grandpa with the really long arms.

My parents are coming for Christmas this year. We're all so excited, especially the kids. We got Nana something special, it's a suprise and she reads my blog so I can't tell you here. Grandpa doesn't visit my blog so it's ok to share this one. Plus, I made it! I franken-patterned a bit for him. He has really long arms so jackets and shirts off the rack rarely have enough length in the sleeves. So, I thought since we got something awesome for Nana, that Grandpa should get something awesome too. I really hope this fits, I got my mom to measure something that does fit so it should work out OK. He walks a lot with the dogs and he needs pockets for dog treats, and the ever essential poop bags.

The perfect fit fleece jacket. I hope!
It's forest green, hard to photograph accurately at night. The body is lined with the grey knit but the sleeves are not. This should work well for the climate they live in.

I've also been busily working on my holiday dress for the dinner and dance at the convention center. Chinese brocade, taffeta and lots and lots of tulle :)


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