Saturday, November 5, 2011

A few things for Caitie

My Twinn dolls are about 24" tall. They can't wear the same clothes as American Girls at all so I had to draft some pants and things for Caitie to wear. I made up my basic 4 pocket pants in her size. I also made her a little interlock knit cardigan and some slippers. I haven't yet decided what kind of closure to put on the cardigan, maybe buttons? I can't put in a zipper because I didn't put facings in it.

Yes, she's wearing her pajama shirt under the cardigan. I haven't made her a regular shirt yet.

Slippers! She came without any shoes or socks and I bought her some baby socks but they were way wrong. So I knit her some wool slippers and cut out some leather soles. My husband has a handy little tool for punching holes in leather that made these an easier project. I made holes all around each sole and stitched them onto the socks with DMC pearle cotton floss.

Now they are non-skid (just what a doll needs) and warm for our cold winters.

She's checking the length of her sleeve here.  It's just right!

Thanks for looking!


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