Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lined hooded jackets

I took some better pictures of the jackets today. One is for my Leonie and the other is for a friend's Leonie. We are doing a swap.
This one has plaid lining in the sleeves. I'm going to keep this one for myself since it will also work for AG, with the sleeves rolled up a little bit. Maplelea Girls have slightly longer arms and my friend does not have an AG, so she won't be needing to roll her sleeves. I ran out of plaid and used light blue for her sleeves. 
This is Leonie, She is very pretty in person. Different from AG, she is more realistic and more detailed. It's tough to get those details perfect so AG are more perfect in the abstract sense. Anyways..she's lovely.

Her arms are longer so she needs the full sleeve length.

A peek at the lining. The bottom hem is hand stitched in place, as is the inside hem of the sleeves. The pocket details are also fully lined. There are no raw edges in there since the pockets are turned and top stitched in place.

This picture turned sideways on me, not sure why. You can see the blue lining of the sleeves in this one. The toggles were made by me out of Sculpey.

 Addy is modeling my coat. The cuffs look nice and neat folded up since the hem of the lining is invisible.


Gertie Power said...

Erin- What a beautiful jacket. I recently bought a Taryn from Maplelea and think she outshines AG in many ways. I live in Massachusetts and the shipping from Canada is high. While I know you live in Canada too, I keep hoping I'll find Maplelea sized clothes of good quality sold in the US. The Maplelea proportions are a little different than AG, especially the shoes. Love your work. Gertie

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