Monday, January 10, 2011

An almost O+S school days coat.

This weekend I worked on a coat for a special order. I was quite excited to work on this one, since it meant I was finished making the doll ballet leotards and I had a chance to draft a cool new pattern. I bought fabrics on Saturday morning and worked day and night to finish this. With shipping times being unpredictable, I thought the sooner I finish it the better so my client can have it by the end of the month. I was given a list of ideas for this coat and I stayed as close to them as I could. I looked and looked for melton wool at the fabric store but it was not there so I decided on a piece of suiting with a soft hand and lovely drape. I couldn't find anything in a deep brown so I chose this latte color instead. The lining is as close to coral in color as I could find. I liked the style of the O+S coats I'd made for my boys so I redrafted it in the size I needed and made a couple of changes. The wooden toggles are so sweet. I like using them, it's so much easier than making the little button tabs like my boys have on their coats.

It is fully lined in a silky soft fabric. Carefully hand stitched at the cuffs and the hem.

It fits the doll quite well. She has room underneath for a sweater.

The hood fits over all of her hair. All of the toggles work properly. I used a very narrow ribbon to attach them.

I put a little pleat in the back for ease.

The lining of the hood gives it a splash of color and character.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

I love this coat. I am a sewer as well so really appreciate well built and properly sewn items - and this looks really good. how much do you charge for one of these (who am I kidding, I have two daughters)? Cheers,

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