Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A toasty hat for Julie

We had a really warm Thanksgiving weekend here in Manitoba. Unusually warm, people were wearing shorts and sandals. Last year we had snow on Thanksgiving weekend. I'm working on a neat doll Halloween costume right now but I wanted to share this little hat today. It was originally for a custom order but the deal fell through. Julie has since claimed this hat as her own, I love it on her! That button up plaid shirt is available if anyone is interested, just send me a note and we'll work out a deal.

It's 100% merino sock wool. 3 colors, this is not self striping. The pattern is my own.

I put a tiny edge all around it after the ear flaps were put on. This helps to unify the look and give it a professional finish. Thanks for looking!


bjk said...

Erin - That hat is just adorable and it's so accurate for Julie's time. You are so talented! Barb

Anonymous said...

That hat looks like it was made for Julie - the bright colours against her light blonde hair is stunning. It's gorgeous - I don't blame you for not parting with it. :)

Cdn AG Lover

Anonymous said...

Pretty! How small were the thread and needles? It's delicate.

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