Monday, October 15, 2012

And then there were two.

On Saturday I went to my neighbor's house to drop off the newly restored doll. The kids were excited to see the changes in her! The oldest girl said to me "Wait here, I have something to show you." She went off and came back a few minutes later with another doll, the sister doll from 30+ years ago. She held her doll up next to the one I had just restored and said "wow, look at the difference!" I couldn't possibly leave her there, looking like that so I offered to fix up her doll too, as an early birthday gift.
They also sent along with me an old hat that goes with the first doll I restored. I told them I could fix the hole in it. The little girl said "my doll doesn't have her hat anymore, but it's ok because she has this ribbon. The "ribbon" was a frayed scrap of fabric. What a sweetheart.

Her hair is in similar condition as the first doll. It's mostly one long strand but there isn't quite as much yarn on this one. Still reusable.

Her nightgown needed some repairs too. 

I guess I forgot to take pictures of the old mob cap while I was repairing it. It was double layered and as I was taking it apart to mend the hole I decided it was fate that it could to be made into two hats for the two sister dolls. As luck would have it, I had removed a small section of the first nightgown to eliminate a rust stained piece. That scrap was enough to patch both pieces of the hat that had a large hole in the edge. Deal sealed for two hats. I lined them with white quilting cotton and used the original red ribbons on them. One ribbon from this nightgown and one from the original hat.

After. Looking pretty as a picture. I just love making old loved dolls look fabulous again. I gave her a bath and repaired her nightgown. The elastic was gone from one sleeve cuff and there were a few holes to mend. She also had a hole in her leg that needed mending. Fresh ribbons in her hair and on her nightgown finish her restoration.

 She's ready to go home, with a matching hat for her sister.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Great blog :) I love the narwhal tee you made for Inky.

Anonymous said...

Also, do you have any kind of online store? If you do I would love to check it out. <3 (Anna, the same commenter from before)

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