Monday, January 2, 2012

Incognito, or a pretty case for video games.

I've been working on a little gift for my son's friend, but I'll show you that later. My iron expired last evening resulting in some excitement from the smoke alarm so I had to stop sewing. Yesterday I decided to try making a little zippered case for my new 3DS out of the scraps from the little gift. We have quite a lot of games in the house and I wanted some sort of organized and compact way to store mine. (Kids and hubby each have their own 3DS consoles as well.) When we go out for streetpass at the mall I like to keep them each in something protective so the 4 of them in my backpack aren't getting jostled around or scratched.

So far I've been slipping each one into a mitten but yesterday I did some measuring and came up with this. I just used materials that I had on hand, so the zipper is a tiny bit short but it seems to work fine. I centered it but I'm glad for the long tails at either end. The body of the case has a layer Timtex in between the lining and the outer fabric. This is lightweight but stiff so it protects. It's sort of like very dense stiff but thin felt. It doesn't like to be creased..

It fits the 3DS exactly and I made little pockets in the lining of the lid that hold 6 games plus a flap with 6 more pockets so it can hold 12 games at the same time as the console.

This shows the underside of the flap, and the additional pockets.

 With the flap laying flat. These are Henry Glass fabrics.

This is what it looks like when it's full and zipped closed. I'm quite happy with it for a first try. The Timtex was a little tough to work with. I think I'll try something different next time, maybe just a piece of polar fleece would be fine but I do like the stiffness of the Timtex. 

Thanks for looking!


Zoe said...

I spy Super Scribblenauts! I loooooooove that game! i love the case and have tried to make it after seeing this but it did not end well.... at all....

Erin said...

Thank you! We love that game too.

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