Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marie-Grace is here!

Marie-Grace is my birthday gift this year.  When I first saw her online early in August I wasn't sure about her facemold. It's different, and new. And it grew on me. I think she has a finer featured, more delicate version of the Josefina mold. Welcome to the Dynamite household, Marie-Grace. Of course, it wouldn't be a warm welcome without some new duds. While I waited for her to arrive I made her an outfit with Addy's patterns. I made a couple of minor changes for her.

I couldn't wait to get her out of her Barbie pink dress. Didn't even bother to take pictures in it, sorry AG. It's a nice enough dress, but Marie-Grace is much happier in her new skirt and blouse. I'd like to make her a bonnet and little jacket to go with this, but I'll have to go shopping for supplies. I made the blouse and skirt with things from my stash. She is wearing her crinoline and chemise as well. My kids got a kick out of looking up her skirt last night. Boys!

Addy's school blouse pattern calls for a stand up collar, but I changed it to this style. I put tiny scallops along the outer edge and handstitched the front in place. I like collars to stay put on dolls.

 I also changed the cuffs. I don't like velcro so I lengthened these to overlap and accomodate a metal snap closure.

Inverted box pleats. The topstitching really makes a nice defined waistband.

Thanks for looking!


Dawn said...

Very nice! The colors suit her.

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