Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmhouse doll bed

My husband built me this bed with plans available for free from These are really nice plans, it makes a good sized doll bed. Some people think it's too wide, but it's just right to me. I dislike doll beds that are only as wide as the doll. How many people have a bed that narrow, really? Plus, more width = more room for decorative pillows and a square quilt.

 We decided to paint it, after the holes were filled and sanded. My 5 year old picked this nice blue color. In this picture it's got a coat of primer and the first coat (of four) of blue paint. It's quite a rich color and I'm debating another coat and whether or not I should varathane it. My little guy is a keen helper so he got a birdhouse from the craft store to paint along with me.

For now, it has a 2" mattress cut from foam, and little sheet to cover it. I think I will box the corners and put elastic around to make it a proper fitted sheet. There is a seam across the middle of the sheet because it's the scraps left from the quilt. There is a plywood base under the mattress too. It's very sturdy.

I also made a quilt and two regular pillows. Most of the fabrics used was scraps from the last few months of sewing. The bed was also made of scraps from the garage. Scraps are cost effective but not time efficient. My husband had to rip 2x4 lumber into 1x3 and 1x2 etc. The only things purchased for this were the paint/primer and the foam for the mattress. Up next will be a flat sheet, two pillow cases and a decorative pillow or two.

Thanks for looking, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


MommyOntheEdge said...

Ooh VERY adorable! Did your husband have any troubles w/ the measurements? My step-dad made one for my daughter from those plans and he had to remake it twice because some of the measurements weren't right(don't know which ones).

Erin said...

Thank you! He didn't mention any problems with the plans...

Craig said...

Some of the measurements were off by 1/8" but I assumed that was my problem and just sanded off the extra.

Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh! this bed is adorable :) I love the color!

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