Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ice cream dress for Luan

Her party is on Saturday and I've just finished the second half of her gift. This is an Oliver + S Ice cream dress, size 8. My son said her favorite color is aqua but I couldn't find anything nice in that color at the store that had a coordinate that wasn't going to cost me $50 to make this dress. I found a nice quality linen look plaid and a coordinating multicolor print to go with it. I hope she likes it, I think it's pretty sweet just like she is. She stopped me in the hallway after school one day just to tell me that Andrew is a very good boy at school. How thoughtful is she? I know!

There are two patch pockets on the front with matching V notches in them. The yoke is doubled and encloses the gathered top of the body of the dress so it's nice and smooth inside.

I put the dress closer to the window here. It's been very overcast all day.

The back yoke closes with a button and loop.

The bottom hem is doubled and top stitched to give the dress a bit of weight so it hangs nicely. This also encloses those seams so it's very tidy inside.


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