Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Custom pajama pants and completed brown cardigan.

A very good client of mine asked me to recreate her favorite pajama pants in doll size.  She shipped her well worn garment to me and I remade them to fit her doll. Almost every detail is exactly like the people sized pajamas, drawstring and all.  I started out using Molly's pajama pants pattern but whoa, those are really dated.  Super huge and billowy, is that a word?  Not very flattering.  I won't show the picture of those ones until after you see the good ones.  I made the Molly pattern pants last night, but after sleeping on it I decided they were all wrong for this purpose. 
The original pants had a drawstring, not elastic waist.  They had to be just right, so I came up with these. I made proper buttonholes to draw the tie through. It's the same tie from the originals.
The view from the back.
The drawstring and the faux fly stitching, just like the originals. How cute is this fabric?  The only thing that isn't like the originals is the button is missing. It's a wooden heart, but it's too big for doll pants and I can't find a suitable replacement.  Overall, I'm really tickled with these pants.  I'll be making some in different fabrics for the store in the fall.
For comparison, here are the Molly pants and my pants side by side.  I made my own pattern for the drawstring pants.

The brown cardigan now has buttons and is ready to be shipped. Sonali is wearing the blue shirt from the new pretty & plaid AG outfit, some pants I made and the shoes from the new true style outfit. This cardigan is going to the same client the pajama pants are for.
The lighting was a bit better today. These pictures show the chocolate brown color much better.

The buttons are fully functional, and there is room for a fitted long sleeve shirt underneath. It's been really hot here this week. It felt criminal dressing Sonali in this for pictures today.


Heritage Doll Fashions said...

You did an outstanding job with the pj pants! The sweater is also amazing!

Linnea said...

Oh wow! The sweater is wonderful! I want one! :-)

Unknown said...

I would love to have a sweater like this!! Let me know if you do orders or have that Etsy shop yet :)


Erin said...

I have 1 cardigan like this almost ready to go. It just needs buttons, it's a light brown color if that interests you.

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