Sunday, May 23, 2010

Store stuff

I've been working on some hoodies for the shop's grand opening.  I made a 100% cotton jersey knit hoodie with fully lined hood for part of a custom order. I had a really great response to it so I've got a few on the go for future stocking. Three are blue with yellow lined hoods just like the Ramona outfit. One is blue with a brown lined hood, and four are brown with blue lined hoods. I made a brown one with coralish pink lined hood for my personal collection. The blue jersey fabric is very nice to work with, but the brown is an interlock knit so I had to alter my first example after it was completed.  It stretched out and the finished product was miles too big.  Fabrics can behave in such different ways. I will make appropriate adjustments on the remaining 4 brown garments before they are sewn.

I'm also working on a Sonali outfit for a board member. She saw the Ramona skirt I made and said it's almost exactly what Sonali wears in the beginning of this clip in the movie.

I found the perfect green and white striped  knit for the t-shirt yesterday. I'll have to hunt around in the movie to see if I can find a better image of the flowers on her shirt.  I'll make orange leggings too :)


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